More About Lawn Mowers

More About Lawn Mowers

Although they have become a household name amongst gardeners and homeowners, if you have never had to manage your own garden before you may be unfamiliar with lawnmowers and their functioning. Lawnmowers are almost your only option for keeping your grass neatly and evenly trimmed, as they use rotating blades to trim the lawn consistently.

The lawnmower has been around since the 1820s after being invented by British engineer, Edwin Beard. In comparison to the models we have today, this primary model was large and difficult to manoeuvre and was refined for commercial sales by the 1860s. Thereafter, experiments were conducted until petrol-run models developed between the two World Wars, which formed the basis for most lawnmowers that are on the market today.

Whilst the invention of lawnmowers has proven invaluable to gardeners in modern society, in the last year they have come under fire for their negative impact on the environment. In reality, lawnmowers omit as much fuel as a 1992 modelled car that has driven over 600 miles. The reason for this is that cars have improved dramatically in terms of remodelling and updating, whereas lawnmowers have remained modelled on the older versions.

These household items therefore contribute significantly to air pollution, as almost every well kept lawn – including large sporting fields and school grounds – is maintained through the use of a lawnmower. Manufacturers are now being encouraged to create more eco-friendly models to match competitors.

Robotic mowers are a fairly recent novelty, and are being considered the solution to lawnmowers that are heavy on fuel. These machines are battery-operated and do not require movement from the owner, simply supervision. These little gadgets save fuel and simply require recharging to operate.

Aside from environmental issues, lawnmowers are also the cause of tens of thousands of injuries amongst adults and children each year. This has called for enhanced safety precaution features on mowers, including the popular dead man’s handle that cuts the power when released.

The two most recognized varieties of lawnmowers are the push type mowers and the ride mowers. Push mowers are the most common variety for homeowners, as the size is suitable for most gardens. As the name describes, these machines simply require the owner to push them along their lawns. The variety of push mowers today has ballooned to include a variety of special features, and gardeners can now select tailor-made mowers to match their gardening needs.

Ride mowers are larger to accommodate their owners’ weight, and the obvious size difference makes them more suitable for wider surface areas and larger grounds. These types of machines are equally popular to the push mowers, as bigger communities like schools and sporting grounds require them to maintain wide grounds.