Lawn Mower Maintenance – Top Tips

Lawn Mower Maintenance

If you are new to gardening and have made the bold step of investing in an electrically powered lawn mower, you now need to know how to care for it! Buying the machine is only the first step towards success; you need to keep your machine well maintained to ensure it lasts you for years to come. Whilst lawn mowers need not be difficult to maintain, they do require consistent care and attention to run effectively.

Here are some easy-to-follow steps to help you keep your lawn mower in good condition. If followed correctly, these tips can help keep your mower running for over a decade, as well as avoid costly visits to the mechanic!

Fueling Your Machine

  • First of all, determine what gas your mower needs. Two-cycle gas cannot be put into a four-cycle machine and vice-a-versa.
  • Good quality lawn mowers will have a  higher fuel octane rating, so try choose a machine with a rating no lower than 87.
  • It is important to keep the air screen and the cylinder fins of your engine clean at all times.
  • Don’t attempt to share your lawn mower gas with your weed whacker, as they have different gas requirements. Whilst your weed whacker may start and even run on gas for awhile, pure gasoline is too lean for the machine, and will cause it to stop. If you have already made this mistake, adding oil to your gas should repair any damage.
  • Always make sure the siphoning device you use to fuel your lawn mower is clean.
  • Only keep a few gallons of fuel at a time. Fuel that stands for long periods of time loses its octane, and can have a negative effect on your machine – clogging up the carburetor with fuel deposits.

 The Body of Your Machine

  • The external body of your machine can easily be cleaned with soapy water all over.
  • For tough areas on the underside of the mower, use a strong rubber or plastic scraper.
  • Cleaning your machine regularly is important to prevent grime build up.
  • Don’t forget to disconnect the spark plug from the wire before you clean.
  • Check the belts of your mower systematically, and replace any worn or damaged ones. These belts are made from rubber and are critical in the functioning of your mower.
  • You need to clean the cover of your drive once you have utilised your machine for 15 hours. A good way to gauge this is to simply clean it at least twice a season.

If you are really stuck with a particular issue, consider contacting a lawn mower service. It may be that it is worth paying a service fee to correct a lawn mower problem rather than accidentally worsening any existing problems. All lawn mowers should come with a users manual, so make good use of this in familiarising yourself with your machine.