Buying a Lawn Mower – Your Options

Buying a Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers may be staple equipment to avid gardeners, but the wide variety available on the market today leaves many potential buyers confused. If you are replacing an old mower you stand a better chance of understanding what your garden needs, but first time buyers are likely to need some insight with their purchases.

Majority of your lawn mower needs will revolve around your own lawn. Size is the first aspect to consider. If you have not done it before, you will need to get accurate measurements of your surface area in square feet. You then need to carefully inspect the quality of your lawn. What is your terrain like? Check around trees and hedges for uneven surfaces, whether these are visible plant roots or areas where the ground is rocky.

Keep your eye out for shady areas that remain wet after watering, or areas where the ground is bare. Also determine if you have a lot of open space on your lawn, or if there are boulders, features, furniture or other obstacles that require you to manoeuvre around them.

This information is essential for finding the right model of mower to meet your needs. Since the extensive options you are presented with can meet each individual need you have for your lawn, choosing the correct one require precision.

Next, you need to establish who will be using your lawn mower. If you are responsible for your garden’s upkeep, your mower needs to fit your capabilities and manpower, whereas if it is for someone else to use, they may not need the same royalties. For example, different lawn mowers have different start up methods, with some needing only a flick of a switch, and others requiring a lot of manpower for a pull-start cord.

Some lawn mowers also require more maintenance than others, and if you are not particularly inclined to put in hours of upkeep, you may want to explore the lower maintenance options. Maintenance includes cleaning your lawn mower, replacing old parts, sharpening the blades and checking up on the various electrical parts.

Finally, you need to establish your budget. Considering that well-maintained mowers can last over ten years, how much are you willing to invest? When considering a possible option, decide whether the price required is proportionate to the amount of usage you plan to get out of it.

Taking a few preliminary steps in your selection process will go a long way towards choosing a suitable mower. Keep the above information in mind when it’s time to make your purchase, and you are likely to invest in a lawn mower that will allow your garden to flourish easily.