Black & Decker mm875

Black & Decker mm875

“Lawn Hog – Aptly Named“

The lawn cutting options and a power-to-spare motor add to the value of the Black & Decker mm875. The electric rotary lawn mower is corded and provides peace and quiet for a mulch or bag mowing experience.

The Black and Decker mm875 dispenses with the high maintenance and pollution potential of a gas-powered lawn mower, while delivering a faster and more even mow than a human-powered push lawn mower.

The minimal environmental impact of an electric lawn mower is a stand-out for the Black and Decker mm875. The electric rotary lawn mower produces zero harmful emissions and is quiet to operate, up against the droning, high volumes of a gas-powered rotary lawn mower.

The efficient cutting power of Black & Decker’s corded, electric lawn mower also proves that an older, slower push lawn mower could never compete. A simple lever start and stop is a safer way for owners to interrupt mowing to clear lawn obstacles.

The Black and Decker mm875 is a lightweight, all-wheel adjustable and easy to steer, a machine that almost anyone can use without getting tired. Dual-option mulching or bagging gives users a choice. Maintenance and clean-up duties are minimal and storage is compact and uncomplicated.

The key features of the Black and Decker mm875 is ease of use, from the simple assembly to the lever-controlled start and stop. The lawn mower weighs a light 52 pounds with a generous 19-inch mowing deck and includes a rear bag assembly and rear mulching insert. The lawn mower can be set to bag or mulch grass cuttings. The Lawn Hog is emission-free, like a push lawn mower, but easier to turn than a push lawn mower.

The Lawn Hog gets its quiet power from a separately-purchased electric cord.

Mower height is raised or lowered for all four wheels simultaneously with 8 different settings, an improvement over an nonadjustable push lawn mower or the rear-wheel-only adjustments necessary for a regular rotary lawn mower. The cushioned-grip handle is alterable and can be folded for lawn mower storage.

The mower promotes fast, easy clean and store features and is under a two-year limited warranty, with a lifetime guarantee for the polymer deck

Black and Decker mm875 User Reviews

One very agreeable point for Black and Decker mm875 reviewers was how easy to order, get and assemble the lawn mower was. Including opening the box and tools-free tightening, assembly-to-startup times ranged from 2 to 15 minutes. Compared to a gas-powered rotary lawn mower and a cordless lawn mower, the Black and Decker mm875 received praise for things that weren’t necessary for operation–gas, oil, a pull starter and battery charging.

Most Reviewers immediately latched onto the green benefits and enjoyed the ability to be able to mow quietly any time of day without disturbing their neighbors.

Reviewers felt confident about the one-touch rotary lawn mower adjustments for the cushioned handle and mower height, although one or two thought the rear bagger was awkward to remove and reattach. The light switch-fast starter lever was a thumbs-up, especially next to a hit-or-miss pull-start gas rotary lawn mower, and nearly as simple to use as a push lawn mower.

A few reviewers, accustomed to a 22-inch rotary lawn mower deck, felt the 19-inch mowing path could be a little wider, although the mulch or bag choices were much appreciated. Others felt managing a trailing power cord, even with a built-in cord lock, was a little tricky, until they got used to mowing outward from the power outlet. Many reviewers were surprised by the capable 12-amp power of the Black and Decker mm875, one comparing it to a 6.5 horsepower gasoline lawn mower.

The easy on/off lever gave users a safer feeling when they had to temporarily stop mowing for any reason. The lightweight construction allowed, even first-time lawn mower users, easy maneuverability and access to tight yard spots. There seemed to be very few issues with clean-cut mowing ability for taller or slightly wet grass, the general consensus being it was far easier to pivot and move around than a standard push lawn mower or any gas rotary lawn mower.

Along with affordability, some of the most positive reasons reviewers gave for owning a mm875 Lawn Hog revolved around clean up and maintenance. Again, the benefits of not having to deal with things impressed; no oil changes, gas cans, fumes, service checkups and battery replacements were universally appealing.

For environmental protection and easy-of-use, the Black and Decker mm875 is a good value, especially for homeowners who have small to medium-sized mowing areas. It’s a reasonably-priced, low maintenance, high performance machine, comparable to a powerful gas rotary lawn mower, and far more flexible than an old-fashioned push lawn mower.