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Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Lawn mowers need to be properly maintained so it will be able to function whenever you take it out of the garage. Here are a few maintenance tips you should know about that will be very helpful.

The best time to clean a lawnmower especially those that are powered by small gas engines is between the months of October and November. This is because fall is coming and if this is not drained, chances are this will not start when spring comes.

To do that, you should run your motor dry. If there is some gas in the tank, take it out and put this in your car’s tank. This will not cause any harm to your car and this is much better than throwing it away.

If you don’t heed this warming and leave gas all winter, you will have to deal with the sticky stuff resulting from the evaporation of the old gas. So just think, you can do this the easy way or the hard way.

A month or two before spring comes you should also consider an oil change for your lawn mower. You can do this by simply draining the old oil and then putting in a new one. Some people don’t change it annually but you should do so every two years.

The air filter of the lawn mower may also get clogged. Although it is not that expensive to replace, you can save money by cleaning it using a light brush or blowing through the holes using some air. That way you don’t have to change this for a new one and save money for something else.

Unlike the air filter, spark plugs have to be replaced regularly. You can buy these from the hardware store, open the lawn mower and replace these with new ones. Before you buy this from the store, be sure you know exactly what the plug specs are because certain brands use different kinds.

The mower blades will get dull over time and you have two options. First, replace these with new ones or sharpen it yourself. You just have to buy a blade sharpener and then work this at the correct angle. The nice thing about the sharpener is that you can also use for axes, hoes and shovels.

A lot of people tend to ignore the underside of the lawn mower. But did you know that this can also make you miss certain spots later on when you mow the lawn and also make it difficult to start the engine? This is why you should also pay some attention to the under carriage and you can clean it using a paint scraper.

It wouldn’t hurt to do take some preventive measures for your lawn mower knowing that the cost of a major repair will be much more expensive. By draining it, cleaning it and replacing a few parts, your lawn mower will be just as good as the day you bought it.

The lawn mower is the best machine to have so your lawn is cut evenly. In some neighborhoods, fines are imposed to those who do not follow these guidelines so if you want that to happen to you, make sure you lawn mower is in good condition all the time.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Wouldn’t it be great when we can just program something to do a certain task? Well we are almost there thanks to robotic lawn mowers. Right now there are two types of robotic lawn mowers namely the friendly robot and the lawnbott.

The friendly robot is just great because you can easily program it to do cut the grass. It also has sensors and child lock features so you are sure it can cut the grass evenly and pose no threat to children. The lawnbott happens to be smaller and more efficient than the friendly robot. Other than that, it can do the same thing like the robotic lawn mower.

Both are battery operated and can be recharged so you don’t have to buy any new batteries once these are worn out. This you can say is also its shortcoming because if you have a big yard, you will have to recharge it for some time before it can complete the rest of the yard. In terms of how much electricity it consumes, some estimate that this will only be $7 to $10 per season.

There are two ways that robotic lawn mowers are guided. First these are guided by wires that have been planted in the ground. The second is by or the global positioning system.

What will probably make you reconsider buying a robotic lawn mower is the price.

The cheapest one you will ever find is a little over $500 but it is not automatic so you will have to control this via remote. For those that are hands free, the price range is from $1500 to $15,500 but this model can cut up to acres. This means that there are a few lawn mowers out there that sell for the same price than a riding lawn mower!

But if you think about it, convenience and environmental friendliness are there since you don’t have to do this chore anymore. You can pack it away when it is finished but before you do that, make sure you clean the undercarriage.

To date, robotic lawn mowers are the second largest category of robots being operated in homes. Early last year, the Swedes launched a new type of lawn mower that happens to be more environmental friendly than before.

This is because their robotic lawn mower does not need any batteries. It is solar powered and can cut about half an acre of grass on its own. Just like other robotic lawn mowers, it is guided by wire that is buried along the perimeter of the property. It also comes with safety features and for those might try to steal it, there is a built in theft deterrent alarm.

Robots have slowly replaced a few of the things we used to do by hand. A good example is in the automotive industry where machines are now the ones assembling certain parts. This just means that it is inevitable that certain chores will also be done by machines and the robotic lawn mower is just one of many we see now and will soon encounter in the future.

You can buy your own robotic lawn mower from various stores and online. You should read the reviews, compare their prices and check out their warranty before you buy it so you are sure you get good value for your money.

Choosing Your Mower – A Guide

Choosing Your Mower

Lawn mowers may seem like fairly simple pieces of gardening equipment, but in reality you will be faced with plenty of options when trying to make your decision. Whilst well-known brands are usually more trustworthy and have a hefty price-tag to guarantee you quality, you do not necessarily need a fancy piece of equipment to get the results you want.

Firstly, you need to assess the proportions of your lawn. Different mowers will respond differently to your lawn type, and there is usually an ideal version to match each person’s requirements.

Different Lawns

If your lawn is modest in size, consider investing in a cylinder mower. These machines are hand-driven as you are not bound to need any serious power, and they provide a good cutting finish and a short length for your grass. A ride mower is not a suitable choice for small lawns, as the size and power of it will make it difficult to maneuver.

A push mower is obviously not suited to a wider lawn, as it requires too much man power and will prove to be time consuming. Similarly, if you are pressed for time and need to mow a large lawn, a powered lawn mower will give you the effective results you want.

Keep in mind that it is not just the size of your lawn you need to consider, but the space you have available to store equipment. There is no use investing in a large mower when there is not adequate space to keep it protected and maintained.

The terrain of your lawn is often more indicative of the type of machine you need than the size of it. if you have a hilly surface area with dips and ridges, you may need to consider a specialised mower.

These may generally be higher than the usual price, but may prove more effective at meeting your mower needs. Different lawns will also require different cuts, so consider a rotary mower for a lawn in need of a short cut.


Lawn mowers may frequent many gardeners’ lawns, but this common usage does not guarantee safety. Thousands and thousands of lawn mower uses frequent hospitals each year, reporting injuries from their machines. Good quality machines should have a “dead man’s handle”, meaning the motor will shut off immediately when the handle of the mower is released.

Also consider who will be using the mower the most, and who is likely to be around at that time. Kids should always be supervised around lawn mowers, whether they are using themselves or not. Some mowers also offer you protected blades, which are an important safety precautions to take.

Consider the power source you have available as well. Whether or not you choose a powered machine will need to depend on the safety and distance of an electricity point from your mowing area.

General Considerations

Since you will be exposed to a wide-spread variety of choice, you need to consider all your requirements before making your selection. The starting process is one worth considering, as different machines require different levels of power to start up. Whilst some lawn mowers have a low maintenance start up switch, others – usually the gas-fuelled variety – require a substantial amount of man power to pull a strong start-up cord.

Most mowers will need to have their blades sharpened occasionally, and different mowers will require different sharpening methods. A rotary mower has blades that are easy to sharpen, whereas the blades of the cylinder mower will be more complicated to manage.